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House and building moving

Structural moving includes the combination of supporting and lifting. We can move structures of about any size, weight, or type. The reasons can vary across the board from saving a piece of history from demolition, to moving out of a flood area. Any structure can be moved if there is a route feasible to get to the new location.
Because of the volume of projects we bid and the work that goes into clearing a move route, we require you the customer or your contractor be responsible for providing a clear move route. There are a few basic things to check into for each move: tree trimming/removal, overhead utility line removal and if your project goes off road, excavation may apply as well.

House leveling

Often times a house will settle caused by the ground moving because of weather conditions. It is very normal for a house to settle over time. Often times settling will cause floors to sag, doors to drag or not close properly. Watts house moving can level house by using jacks, and even replace rotten floor joists or plates that may be cause for house being off level. Many times when house is leveled it may cause minor sheetrock cracks, that is to be expected. Owner is responsible for fixing cracks if that occurs.

House raising

House raising may be needed if there is a foundation problem that needs fixing. Watts house moving can raise house so foundation crew can get to foundation. After the foundation is repaired the house will be set back down on blocks or stem wall on foundation.

Foundations and repair

There will need to be a foundation in place before the house is moved. As the customer you can hire your own contractor to put foundation in or Watts house moving can place one before the move. Unless otherwise required we dig a 18" by 20" footing and place 2 rolls of 1/2 inch rebar then cement it in. For crawl space under house we place a stem wall of 3 blocks high around house.
Many times when it seems foundation needs repair the house is just in need of leveling and there may not be foundation problem at all.

Dozer work

Watts house moving offers any kind of dozer work. If you need a pond dug, trees cleared, or a pad leveled for a house move our D6 dozer can handle most any excavation job you need done.

Backhoe, Bobcat, and Tractor services

Watts house moving offers backhoe services. Mostly we dig our foundations or work around houses we are gonna move. However we also dig septics and holes for storm shelters. We provide a number of backhoe services. If you need have an excavation job that the dozer and backhoe are too big for we offer bobcat excavation services. Tractor and box blade work are also available.